The Ulitimate Flight Exhibition


Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel enables shifts in teacher practice by engaging educators in communities of practice that integrate real world examples in NGSS-aligned curricula.


Teaching Channel is a thriving online community where educators can watch, share, and learn diverse techniques to help every student grow. It is a nonprofit video showcase of inspiring and effective teaching practices. Their resources provide a unique opportunity to offer professional development to you as an educator as part of your experience at Above and Beyond.

The Teaching Channel community is all about getting better together, through the use of standards-aligned video and tools designed for teachers. Developed through a special grant with the support of Boeing, Teaching Channel engaged 20 Boeing engineers and 10 teachers to create 10 science units for grades 4-8 that align with the exhibition content, national education standards and the educational themes featured in Above and Beyond. To access these special video and units, visit: Teachers can view the free website or encourage their district to join “Teaching Channel Teams,” an interactive collaboration platform for professional learning.

Observe these STEM units and lessons in action in the classroom and share DBL (Design-Based Learning) at its very best! These materials can be used before, during, and after your visit to Above and Beyond. Each two-week unit of instruction emphasizes NGSS engineering design standards and related Boeing themes.

To access these special science units, visit: