The Ulitimate Flight Exhibition


Welcome to the Above and Beyond Education Portal.

Whether you are a teacher planning a field trip, a student digging deeper into topics explored in the exhibition, a parent who wants to support your child’s newfound aerospace interests, or a future innovator exploring possible careers in aerospace, you’re in the right place. Follow the navigation below to find what interests you.

Plan a Field Trip

A field trip to Above and Beyond celebrates the power of innovation to make dreams take flight. An expansive, multitouch timeline where students can explore the innovations and innovators that transformed our world introduces them to the history of flight. Next, a short film called Beyond the Limits immerses students into the spirit and power of aerospace innovation. Exhilarating imagery and soaring music will build anticipation for what comes next.

During your field trip to Above and Beyond, you can experience five interactive galleries in any order: UP, FASTER, HIGHER, FARTHER, and SMARTER. Each one features simulations and design activities related to real-life engineering challenges in the aerospace industry.

Use the Teacher’s Guide and other teacher resources in this section to help you plan a field trip your students won’t forget!

Education resources and programming for Above and Beyond are made possible by Boeing in celebration of its centennial and its ongoing commitment to prepare and inspire the next generation to dream, design, and build something better for the next century.

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